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Elisa Baruffaldi’s activity, AKA EliWolfie (from now on named as EliWolfie) sells and provides services in Italy and abroad.


Payment method

The customer will have to make the payment for the required services through bank transfer or credit card after the courtesy copy in .PDF format has been received.

In case of bank transfer, the customer can insert job performance’s subject as reason for payment.

The bank account details are:

Bank Holder’s name: Elisa Baruffaldi

IBAN: IT63K0364601600526390892122


For any kind of problem or difficulty regarding payments, please e-mail me at the address [email protected] or send me a message at the phone number +39 3756904503 (also using WhatsApp or Telegram).



After negotiations are finished and a working project has been defined, it will be delivered to the customer a quotation containing, besides the worker’s information, the project’s subject, the costs, and worker’s signature.

The customer will have to sign the quotation and, if he/she is unable to physically deliver the signed document, to scan and to submit it again to the sender via e-mail at [email protected], alternatively, he/she can send the signed document via registered letter (in this last case the shipping costs will be charged to the customer): Elisa Baruffaldi, via Fieschi 66, 16015 Casella (GE).

Please note, that the woks in subject won’t start until the countersigned document has been received and accepted.

In case of any problems or difficulties regarding quotation’s reception and sending, please, e-mail me at the address [email protected] or send me a message at the phone number +39 3756904503 (also using WhatsApp or Telegram).



Once the works have been finished, customers who purchased services and/or job performances from EliWolfie, will receive the courtesy copy of the electronic invoice indicating the subject, costs, and worker’s info to the provided e-mail address.

In case of any problems or difficulties regarding invoice’s reception and sending, please, e-mail me at the address [email protected] or send me a message at the phone number +39 3756904503 (also using WhatsApp or Telegram).


EliWolfie’s services can be applied to minors, so if the user’s age is below 18 years old, it is necessary that one of the parents, or the legal guardian, read the content inside this policy, the page “Privacy and Cookie Policy”, and the stipulated quotation and approve all of them before starting the website’s usage and/or the purchase of the services described in it.

The quotation regarding the services that the minor customer desires to buy, will also have to be signed by one of the parents or the legal guardian.

The copy of courtesy of the electronic invoice will be sent to the parent’s / legal guardian’s e-mail address.


Services: times, costs and modalities

EliWolfie reserves to herself the right to accept or not the working requests, to which will be assigned a delivery time (indicated inside the quotation); this time will be approximate and could be subjected to modifications based on:

  • interventions’ complexities;
  • delays during necessary contents’ / data’s delivery provided by the customer;
  • contingencies;
  • revisions.

Anyway, the customer will receive updates about the project/s development during all the working period.

If the services requested by the customer need a third party’s job performance integration, EliWolfie declines any kind of responsibility concerning noncompliance, controversies, and/or other eventual problematics so derived.

The project will be delivered to the customer together with the manual (if included), only after the payment, made with bank transfer or with credit card, as indicated inside the above-mentioned “Payment Method” section.


Right of withdrawal

Since all EliWolfie’s services are classified as digital goods supplied with a non-material medium, as established by the Italian Consumer Code, in Art. from 52 to 59, with a particular reference to the letters a) and o) of Art. 59, inherently to the job performances and the customer’s right of withdrawal, it is established that:

  • for the services whose indicated working period is superior to 14 (fourteen) days, the customer renounces to his/her right of withdrawal at the end of the 14 days passed starting from the date of dispatch of the countersigned quotation. The customer will still have the right to request the project’s cancellation by paying a penalty equal to the 50% (fifty percent) of the entire project’s value.
  • for the services whose indicated working period is inferior to 14 (fourteen) days, the customer renounces to his/her right of withdrawal at the time of the countersigned quotation’s sending.


Supply conditions

The customer who commits to purchasing any kind of service / job performance from Elisa Baruffaldi (EliWolfie), accepts the conditions related to EliWolfie’s personal data processing and privacy and cookie policy, and also accepts what is reported inside this page of Terms and Conditions of Services at each of its points.

Every information regarding the above-mentioned privacy policy and the kind of data collected by EliWolfie for purchases, can be found inside the page “Privacy and Cookie Policy” reachable at this address and at the bottom of every page of the website en.eliwolfie.com.


Jurisdiction and competent court

Any kind of controversy related to Elisa Baruffaldi’s working contracts’ application, execution, interpretation and violation, is subjected to the Italian jurisdiction.

For every dispute between the parties concerning this contract, please refer to what is established by the consumer code.

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